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Om SuatiastuThank you for visiting our company website PT Adi Putra, hopefully through this medium we will provide the information you need. PT Adi Putra was bulid based on our goal to develop the society in the field of electrical installation construction, and mechanical. I hope our dedication to the community successfully for the good mankind. Pendiri PT Adi Putra Drs I Gusti Ketut Sukarba MM is the founder of PT Adi Putra, born in Tabanan, October 23, 1963. he was Director of PT Adi Putra. with sharp vision and he was advancing PT Adi Putra and bind the trust of the shareholders.
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DR. Ir. I Wayan Jondra M.Si Is the founder of PT Adi Putra, born London, July 12, 1968. He is an expert on the field of electrical installation. with technical and analytical skills are high so he was an important figure in the development and design and control of all activities of PT Adi Putra

Tekep Isolator ( YS-L150AP)

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